Magic Engine





This project originally started out to be a modding tool for (the amazing) Dungeons of Dredmor.
As the game's levels, items & scripts were all handwritten I wanted to contribute to the community by creating a level editor.

However later down the line I later decided to turn it into a multipurpose 2D engine, and start building different projects on top of it.
But most of all the engine is currently an experimental playground, a place where I try out new idea's with the goal of improving my programming abilities.


The main focus while creating this framework was to provide only the core features to create any 2D game, no game/genre specific features would be added. While doing this I wanted to maintain transparancy & accessibility.

This means the following:

Note: Development was put on hold back in early 2014.



Resource Credits

The graphics used in this demonstration are respectively owned by First Seed Material and Epic Games. (formerly Epic Megagames)