Hack Stevie




For this project Flavour decided to team up with me to create a educational game for Media Masters about cybercrime.

The story resolves around a boy named Stevie, who came from the future trying to save his sister & dog who are lost within the "mainframe"
A certain hacker is very suspicious about Stevies actual mission and tries to stop him.

As the player you are helping the hacker by solving puzzles and hacking into Stevies computer.
Once a couple of levels are completed a video is played to progress the story.

By taking on this role, the player is faced with the ethical nuances that cybercrime brings along.
And in the end is asked wether or not he or she believes in the cause of Stevie or the Hacker.

My job on this project was, apart from the analytics database and some finishing touches, all the programming.
All systems were build with a small set of tools so the designers & artists could start building & iterating on levels as soon as possible.

The entire programming of the project was completed within 10 workdays.



Music & SFX