Diary of Jane


This project was made in a timespan of 48 hours during the GMTK Game Jam 2020. (Theme: "Out of control")
As gamejames for me personally always have been action games, I wanted to create a game with a more narrative focus.
Together with my girlfriend, we settled upon the following story:

This is the story of Jane. She lived a long life in Holten, a small Dutch village.

Like many other people in the countryside, she was born and raised in the same village. When she got older, she married the love of her life and had 3 children with him.
She was a kind woman, but all in all, there was nothing special about her.

All of this changed when her husband died, and she started living alone. That's when the rumors started.
There are stories going around about her regularly stealing stuff in the local shops and even breaking into people's houses. Some stories even mention ghosts!

Was she going crazy? Whatever it was, there was definitely something odd about her.