"Ah Cyvasse, a magnificent game! It originally originated in Volantis and was later discovered in Dorne.
Only to finally find its way, after all these years, to the land of... Android?"

Cyvasse is a mix of chess & stratego designed around some references found in the popular books of Georgy R.R. Martin's "A song of Ice and Fire"

At the beginning of the game both players are allowed to secretly setup their pieces on their respective homelands.
Whereafter the players each in turn stategically move their units around the board trying to kill their opposing king!

During the game players are able to promote their units by killing higher ranked units and thus try to gain an upperhand.
The full ruleset can be found in it's entirety within the app on Google play!

At the time of writing the game has been downloaded 19.500 times.

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